Empowering Education for Afghan Children

In Afghanistan, millions of school aged children are facing overwhelming barriers to accessing education. The situation has escalated to a critical point, with nearly 8 million children currently unable to attend school an alarming increase of 2.6 million compared to the previous year. Shockingly, among these children, approximately 4.2 million are girls, highlighting the urgent need for immediate intervention (OCHA, 2022).

The challenges posed by the political transitions on August 15, 2021, have compounded the crisis. The education of 9.3 million children enrolled in public schools and community-based education (CBE) programs is now at risk, facing potential long-term disruptions. This particularly affects the most marginalized students, often with urgent humanitarian needs, making them susceptible to dropping out of the education system entirely. Heartbreakingly, an entire generation of children – a total of 8 million – stands on the brink of never entering, or re-entering, the education system.

The gravity of this situation demands a unified effort involving all stakeholders. To confront this crisis, education sector partners have come together under the Afghanistan Education Sector Transitional Framework (AESTF) in 2022. This framework is designed to coordinate responses, prevent the collapse of the education system, and ensure both teachers and students can continue their critical teaching and learning activities. A crucial aspect of the AESTF is the expansion of community-based education services, with the goal of reaching children in remote and underserved areas.

Aligned with this mission, our steadfast organization, RWDOA, is dedicated to implementing Community-Based Education in Herat. With the support of potential funding, we are embarking on a transformative journey that resonates deeply with the broader objective of alleviating the educational crisis and extending vital learning opportunities to the most vulnerable children.

Our central aim is to nurture the growth of 675 Community-Based Education (CBE) classes across nine districts within Herat province. These districts – Adraskan, Zerkoh, Shindand, Guzara, Herat, Injil, Karukh, Kushk (excluding Kushk), and Zindajan – serve as the cornerstone of our transformative endeavor. Simultaneously, our initiative is committed to preserving the vitality of 114 Accelerated Learning Center (ALC) classes, further enhancing education access in the region. Our comprehensive efforts span nine months, commencing on October 01, 2023, and concluding on June 30, 2024.

Guided by the overarching framework of AESTF, RWDOA is steadfast in our commitment to infuse the essence of Community-Based Education into the fabric of Herat. Our purpose gains its strength through the pivotal support of potential funding. We work in harmony with the collective aspiration to mitigate the ongoing educational crisis, amplifying equitable learning opportunities for the most vulnerable children.

With unwavering dedication to the potential funding CBE program, RWDOA undertakes a tangible commitment: the management of designated CBS/ALC classes across provinces and districts. This proactive measure signifies our commitment to uninterrupted learning, resonating deeply with our overarching objective of ensuring impartial access to quality education for all.

1: Ensuring Continuous Access to Education: RWDOA passionately advocates for the continuation of 789 CBE classes, comprising 675 CBS and 114 ALC classes. CBS classes will extend over nine months (October 2023–June 2024), while ALC classes will span six months (October 2023–March 2024). Our holistic approach encompasses teacher and classroom supervisor contracts, timely distribution of Teaching and Learning Materials (TLM), winterization, and hygiene kits facilitated by potential funder. We strategically engage existing teachers at a local scale, fostering inclusivity and gender parity. Collaborating with potential funder, RWDOA efficiently oversees teacher salary remittances. Rigorous school safety assessments, conducted alongside community leaders and SMS members, ensure a secure learning environment. Our unwavering commitment to inclusive facilities for children with special needs or disabilities enhances CBE spaces and WASH facilities. Throughout the project, we collaborate closely with stakeholders including the District Education Department (DED), Provincial Education Department (PED), and Ministry of Education (MoE). Our commitment is solidified through an enduring MoU with the Ministry of Education, while linkages with public schools facilitate seamless integration post-project.

2: Enhancing Quality Learning and Training: RWDOA is determined to enrich educational quality through ongoing teacher training. We conduct comprehensive training for 789 teachers in 2023, spanning pedagogical techniques, child-centric methodologies, gender inclusion, protective measures, and interactive approaches. Core subjects, classroom management, social cohesion, and psychosocial support form integral components. Refresher training for teachers and classroom supervisors further refines teaching acumen and safeguarding skills. Education officers and assistants undergo training to effectively manage CBE, ensuring qualitative educational service delivery and child protection mainstreaming. Drawing from experience, RWDOA introduces a mentoring and coaching framework, embedding on-the-job learning. Empowering School Management Shuras (SMS), particularly for girls’ education, elevates the educational landscape. Community engagement fosters parental, faith-based, and communal support. Our emphasis on bolstering SMS engagement ensures sustained discourse, driving student attendance and retention.

Through these strategic interventions, RWDOA is unwavering in our commitment to leave a lasting impact on Afghanistan’s education landscape. Our actions seamlessly align with the potential funding CBE program, offering uninterrupted learning and a brighter future for Afghan children.

We invite you to join us on this journey, transcending circumstances and paving the way towards a more equitable, prosperous tomorrow. Your support is not merely a donation; it’s an investment in transforming lives and shaping destinies.

Donate now and be a part of the change. Together, we can bridge the educational gap, offering hope and opportunity to Afghanistan’s future generations.

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