Internship program is one of the most and successful program, which enhance economic growths employment opportunities for youths to be employed and the public and private sectors growing gradually in Afghanistan. Afghanistan nowadays needs skilled labors to for development of the country than any other time in the last two decade.

RWDOA intend to support the implementation of a professional internship program as a key activity to provide practical business training for Afghan leaders of tomorrow. This program continues supporting the labor market, business, industry and SMEs, enhancing job opportunities for interns. The program also enables them to have sequential progression of work-based learning, which helps interns clarify early career interests and progress along a continuum of activities that engage and motivate their learning, connecting academic concepts and knowledge to skills and responsibilities required for various careers. The program facilitates students from different School and University to participate in a theoretical “pre- placement” training program to enrich and develop the skills necessary to work efficiently within the business they are placed for their internships. After successfully completing the theoretical training, interns gain hands-on experience through a practical placement in various business associations, NGOs, private firms, and government agencies.

It is worth to mentioning that we have many successful internship program like RWDOA first internship program which is held in November 2011 to May 2012 for Herat University 80 graduate female students, there is good news that 94% of interns are placed after the interns negations with the entities and 6 percent of the interns were shortlisted and they are waiting for permanent jobs with Jami Private Higher Education University. There is good news that the program is highly welcomed by Herat Private and public organizations and most of the interns are permanently hired by different entities in Herat-Afghanistan. Please follow the below graph on interns placement and faculty classification.

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