Empowering Vulnerable Children in Heart Afghanistan

RWDOA  is on a mission to enhance the protective environment for children, specifically those trapped in the cycle of street labor and child labor in Heart Province. Our cause is rooted in the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to realize their rights and access education, regardless of their circumstances.

Goals and Objectives: Our primary goals and objectives for this project are:

1. Enable 1000 underprivileged children working on the streets and their families to access education and rights-based training.

2. Raise awareness and sensitize these children about their fundamental rights, while providing literacy classes for 1000 working children.

3. Increase awareness among both children and parents regarding child rights through targeted awareness programs.

4. Enhance children’s awareness of crucial health education topics, with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS and the perils of narcotics.

Beneficiaries: This project aims to benefit 1000 disadvantaged children currently engaged in street labor in Heart Province.

Project Duration: The project will span one year, commencing in January 2024.


Despite some progress in Afghanistan since the last two decades, significant challenges persist. A large portion of the Afghan population continues to grapple with dire poverty, limited access to essential services, inadequate education, and a severe lack of economic opportunities. These issues have a particularly harsh impact on children, as many are forced to work on the streets, even in harsh winter conditions. This situation deprives children of their basic rights and results in numerous problems, including:

1. Poverty forcing children into street labor.

2. Lack of access to education.

3. Limited awareness of children’s rights.

4. Families unaware of their children’s rights.

5. Violations against children, including abuse, harassment, and exploitation by various parties, such as law enforcement, drug dealers, human traffickers, and sexual exploiters.

Activities: Our project will undertake a range of activities to address these pressing needs, including:

1. Establishing centers to offer literacy classes, psychosocial activities, and vocational training for street-working children and their families.

2. Encouraging street-working children to join these centers.

3. Convincing 1000 families to allow their children access to education.

4. Implementing awareness programs for parents, children, and community elders regarding children’s rights.

5. Providing vocational programs for parents to encourage them to work instead of relying on their children.

6. Offering training on HIV and the dangers of narcotics.

7. Conducting individual in-depth meetings with isolated children to identify their specific challenges.

8. Organizing focus group discussions and peer education among children to empower them as trainers for their peers.

9. Facilitating the enrollment of 1000 street-working children into government schools.

10. Collaborating with UNICEF to provide stationery for the children.

11. Partnering with WFP to provide food for the families of street-working children.

12. Coordinating with the media to amplify children’s voices and raise awareness within the community about their rights and needs.

Outcomes: We anticipate the following outcomes from our project:

1. 1000 street-working children benefit from our program.

2. Increased awareness of rights and daily life issues among children.

3. Informed parents and children regarding their rights and responsibilities.

4. Enhanced community awareness of HIV/AIDS.

5. Improved career prospects for street-working children in the future.

6. Resolution of 80% of psychosocial problems among street-working children.

7. Increased social integration for street-working children.

8. Enrollment of 1000 street-working children in schools.

9. Financial assistance provided to the parents of street-working children.

RWDOA is dedicated to creating a brighter and more equitable future for the vulnerable children of Heart Province. Join us in this important endeavor, and together, we can bring about lasting positive change in the lives of these children and their families.

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