Community Development Council Empowerment Herat-Afghanistan

The Community Development Council empowerment is one of the key issues raised on the dialogue meetings which were conducted in Enjil and Guzara districts. The dialogue meetings’ participants always emphasis to have such empower community Development Councils to solve the community problem, pass the community voice to the government authorities and provide inputs on policies and procedures revision and development.

RWDOA is currently working with Enjil district female community council for overcome the current challenges through building the capacity of female community shura and obtaining a strong relationship with district and provincial authorities. During the reporting period the following impact are achieved.

  • A group of 20 community development council members in Injil district of Hera-Afghanistan capacity has been enhanced.
  • The Community development Council members understood their role in the communities
  • The community development council members understood how to developed their CDC long strategic planning
  • The community development council members build strong relationship with Provincial council.

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