Assist 1500 Economically Stressed Populations (ESRP) in Herat-Afghanistan

The project aims to provide assistance to 1500 economically stressed populations (ESRP) in 30 villages of the Adraskan district in Herat province, Afghanistan. The assistance will focus on increasing access to food commodities for the target households over a duration of eight months. The project has three main components: improving access to food, saving lives and protecting livelihoods in emergencies, and ensuring adequate household food consumption for vulnerable households.

Component 1: Improving Access to Food

The project aims to improve the food security of the economically stressed populations by increasing their access to food commodities. This may involve establishing partnerships with local farmers, suppliers, or markets to ensure a sustainable supply of food. The project team will assess the nutritional needs and preferences of the target households to determine the appropriate food commodities to be distributed. The distribution process will be organized in a manner that ensures equitable access to food for all 1500 families in the 30 villages.

Component 2: Saving Lives and Protecting Livelihoods

In emergency situations, such as natural disasters or conflicts, the project will prioritize saving lives and protecting the livelihoods of the vulnerable populations. This may involve providing immediate relief assistance, such as emergency food rations, to ensure the survival of those most affected. Additionally, the project team will work to identify and address the underlying causes of economic stress, aiming to strengthen the resilience of the target households and mitigate future emergencies.

Component 3: Ensuring Adequate Household Food Consumption

The project recognizes that extremely vulnerable households with limited or no access to food may resort to negative coping strategies, such as skipping meals or reducing the quality and quantity of their food intake. To prevent such negative coping strategies, the project will ensure adequate household food consumption. This may involve providing food parcels or vouchers to the target households, enabling them to meet their nutritional needs without compromising their dignity or well-being.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the food security and well-being of the economically stressed populations in the Adraskan district of Herat province. By providing sustained access to food commodities, the project aims to prevent hunger, malnutrition, and negative coping strategies among the target households. The project also seeks to enhance the resilience of these populations by addressing the underlying causes of economic stress and protecting their livelihoods.

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