Assist 2298 conflicted affected IDPs families in Herat-Afghanistan

The project aims to provide comprehensive assistance to 2298 conflict-affected internally displaced persons (IDP) families residing in the surrounding areas of Herat, Afghanistan. The assistance will primarily focus on providing food commodities to these families over a duration of eight months. The project comprises two main components: identifying the target households and coordinating the distribution of food assistance with relevant authorities and community stakeholders.

Component 1: Identification of Conflict-Affected IDP Households

The project team will collaborate with the Department of Refugees and Repatriation (DoRR), the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), and the elders of protracted IDP households to identify and verify 2298 households that have been affected by conflicts and have settled in the surrounding areas of Herat. This phase may involve conducting comprehensive assessments, interviews, and verification procedures to ensure that the selected households meet the criteria for assistance. The coordination with relevant authorities and community stakeholders will facilitate the identification process and ensure the accuracy of the beneficiary list.

Component 2: Distribution of Food Assistance

Once the target households have been identified and verified, the project will proceed with the distribution of food assistance. The project team, in coordination with the DoRR, ANDMA, and the elders of protracted IDP households, will organize the logistics and implementation of the distribution process. The goal is to ensure that the identified 2298 conflict-affected IDP households receive regular and sufficient food commodities throughout the eight-month duration of the project. The distribution process will include establishing distribution points, developing a transparent and accountable system, and monitoring the delivery of food commodities to the beneficiaries.

The project’s overall objective is to alleviate the food security concerns faced by the conflict-affected IDP families in the surrounding areas of Herat. By providing food assistance for a sustained period, the project aims to improve the nutritional well-being and resilience of these households. The coordination with relevant authorities and community stakeholders will ensure the effective targeting and delivery of assistance, while also fostering a collaborative approach to address the needs of the conflict-affected IDP families.

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