Education Program for Female Students of Fine Arts School

The Education Development Program for Female Students in Herat Fine Arts School aims to enhance the English language skills of female students over a one-year period. The project includes the following key activities:

Developing training curriculum and lesson plans: The project begins by designing a comprehensive training curriculum and lesson plans specifically tailored for English language training courses. These materials are structured to meet the needs and goals of the female students at Herat Fine Arts School.

Conducting result-oriented English language courses: Trained instructors deliver English language courses to the female students. The courses are designed to be result-oriented, focusing on practical skills that are applicable in real-life situations. The aim is to improve the students’ proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English.

Regular monitoring of training sessions: Throughout the project period, continuous monitoring is carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the training sessions. The monitoring process involves observing the classes, evaluating student progress, and providing feedback to the instructors. This helps identify areas for improvement and ensures the training remains on track.

The overarching goal of the Education Development Program is to empower female students at Herat Fine Arts School by equipping them with strong English language skills. By developing a training curriculum, conducting English language courses, and monitoring the training sessions, the project aims to support the students in their educational journey and provide them with valuable language skills for their future endeavors.

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