Employment Facilitation initiative for 900 women in Herat

The Employment Facilitation initiative aims to create employment opportunities for 900 women in Herat, Afghanistan. The program has a duration of one year and consists of two main components.

Establishing Linkage between Job Applicants and Potential Employment Agencies:

The program will establish effective connections and partnerships between job applicants and potential employment agencies. This component focuses on bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, ensuring that women have access to suitable employment opportunities. By establishing these linkages, the program aims to facilitate the placement of women in job positions that match their skills, qualifications, and interests.

Job Preparation Capacity Building Workshops: The program will conduct job preparation capacity building workshops for the job applicants. These workshops are designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and confidence of the women seeking employment. The workshops will cover various aspects of job preparation, including resume writing, interview skills, professional etiquette, and workplace communication. The goal is to equip the women with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully compete in the job market and present themselves effectively to potential employers.

Through these components, the program aims to empower and facilitate employment opportunities for 900 women in Herat. By establishing linkages between job applicants and potential employment agencies, the program seeks to ensure that women have access to a range of job options that suit their qualifications and interests. Additionally, the job preparation capacity building workshops will provide the women with essential skills and knowledge to present themselves effectively during the job application and interview processes. By enhancing their employability and connecting them with suitable job opportunities, the program strives to promote economic empowerment, gender equality, and sustainable livelihoods for women in Herat, Afghanistan.

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