Enhancing the capacity of CSOs under Human Rights and Civil Society Network in western region

The objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in the western region of Afghanistan (Herat, Farah, Ghor, and Badghis provinces). The project aims to enhance the rule of civil society, promote community engagement and participation in the social and democratization process of Afghanistan, and establish linkages between CSOs and local and international donors for funding opportunities.


Selection of 80 Civil Society Organizations: The project will undertake a comprehensive selection process to identify and choose 80 CSOs operating in the western region, specifically in the provinces of Herat, Farah, Ghor, and Badghis. The selection process will consider gender representation, ensuring a balanced representation of organizations led by both men and women.

Capacity Enhancement through Training and Technical Support: Selected CSOs will receive training and technical support to enhance their organizational capacity. This assistance will focus on strengthening their skills in areas such as project management, strategic planning, financial management, advocacy, networking, and monitoring and evaluation. The training and support will be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each CSO.

Expansion of the HRCS Network: The project will aim to expand the Human Rights and Civil Society (HRCS) network in the western region. By facilitating the establishment of connections and collaborations among CSOs, the project will promote a stronger network that can collectively work towards the advancement of human rights and civil society in the region. This network will contribute to the social and democratization processes in Afghanistan.

Linking CSOs with Donors: The project will establish links between CSOs and local as well as international donors. This connection will enable CSOs to access funding opportunities and grants for addressing urgent community needs and tackling chronic challenges. The project will provide support in proposal development and facilitate engagement between CSOs and potential donors, enhancing their chances of securing funding for their initiatives.

Sharing Ideas with the Government and Donors: The project will act as a bridge between CSOs, the government of Afghanistan, and donors. It will facilitate the sharing of innovative and acceptable ideas, experiences, and best practices between these stakeholders. By fostering communication and collaboration, the project aims to strengthen the relationship between CSOs and key actors in the development sector, ensuring that the perspectives and contributions of civil society are recognized and valued.

Overall, the project “Enhancing the Capacity of CSOs under Human Rights and Civil Society Network in the Western Region” seeks to empower CSOs in the western region of Afghanistan, strengthen their capacity, and foster their collaboration. By doing so, it aims to contribute to the promotion of human rights, community engagement, and democratization processes in Afghanistan.

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