Management and maintenance ofthe nurseries of Serjungal –Urdubagh, District of Guzara, Herat Province

The project focuses on the management and maintenance of nurseries in Serjungal-Urdubagh, located in the Guzara District of Herat Province, Afghanistan. The duration of the project is two years, and it includes several components related to the care and development of saplings for forestation.

Irrigation of Saplings:

Adequate irrigation systems will be implemented to ensure the proper hydration of the saplings in the nurseries. This component aims to provide the necessary water supply to support the growth and development of the saplings.

Weeds Control:

Measures will be taken to control and manage the growth of weeds in the nurseries. This component is crucial to minimize competition for resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients, allowing the saplings to thrive.


Regular pruning activities will be conducted to maintain the health and shape of the saplings. Pruning helps to remove dead or diseased branches, encourage proper growth, and shape the trees for future planting.

Using Fertilizers:

The appropriate application of fertilizers will be carried out to supply essential nutrients to the saplings. Fertilizers help to enrich the soil and promote healthy growth and development of the plants.

Canal Cleaning and Reparation:

The canals surrounding the nurseries will be regularly cleaned to ensure proper water flow and prevent waterlogging. Reparation activities will be undertaken to fix any damages or leaks in the canals, ensuring efficient water management.

Compost Preparation:

Composting methods will be employed to produce organic fertilizers for the nurseries. Compost preparation involves the decomposition of organic matter, such as leaves and other plant materials, to create nutrient-rich compost that enhances soil fertility.

By implementing these components, the project aims to effectively manage and maintain the nurseries in Serjungal-Urdubagh. This includes providing sufficient water through irrigation, controlling weeds, pruning the saplings, applying fertilizers, cleaning and repairing canals for proper water management, and preparing compost for organic fertilization. These efforts will contribute to the successful growth and development of the saplings, promoting forestation in the area and contributing to the environmental sustainability and biodiversity of the region.

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