Vocational training program for immigration women

The Vocational Training Program for immigration women aims to provide support and skill development opportunities for a total of 40 women in Herat province, Afghanistan, within a one-year timeframe. The project consists of the following elements:

Women vocational training program: The project plans to implement a vocational training program specifically tailored for immigration women. This program will involve an internship scheme, offering practical training and experience to the participants. The aim is to equip the women with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen fields.

Pre-placement training program: Before the vocational training program begins, a three-month “pre-placement” training program will be conducted. This program intends to enrich and develop the skills required for the participants to excel in their vocational training program. The training will focus on enhancing their professional abilities, communication skills, and industry-specific knowledge, ensuring they are well-prepared for their program.

Employment system and support: The project aims to establish an effective system for employment follow-up and support for the 40 female trainees. Throughout their four-month vocational training program, the project will provide guidance and assistance to the trainees, ensuring they receive appropriate supervision, mentorship, and resources. The objective is to enhance their practical skills and increase their chances of finding employment after completing the program.

The overall objective of the project is to empower immigration women in Herat province by providing vocational training, internships, and support. By offering a comprehensive training program, along with practical activities and ongoing assistance, the project aims to enhance the employability and economic prospects of these women, enabling them to build sustainable livelihoods.

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