Youth Job Readiness Initiative in Herat for 120 beneficiaries

The Youth Job Readiness Initiative in Herat is a project aimed at providing job readiness training and support to 120 young beneficiaries over a duration of 6 months. The primary objective of the initiative is to equip the youth with essential skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their employability and find suitable employment opportunities.

The project comprises several components designed to address different aspects of job readiness. Firstly, the initiative focuses on providing easy employment finding training to the beneficiaries. This component aims to empower the youth with effective strategies and techniques to identify and access job opportunities that align with their interests and qualifications. This training includes guidance on job search methods, leveraging online platforms, networking, and utilizing resources such as job portals and career centers.

Another crucial aspect covered in the initiative is the enhancement of key skills required for successful job interviews. The beneficiaries will receive comprehensive training on interviewing skills, enabling them to effectively present themselves, articulate their experiences and qualifications, and respond confidently to interview questions. This component also includes mock interview sessions and personalized feedback to help the youth refine their interviewing techniques.

Effective communication skills are vital in any professional setting, and the initiative recognizes this. Communication skills training will be provided to the beneficiaries to enhance their ability to interact and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and superiors. This training will cover verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, active listening, and expressing ideas clearly and concisely.

Presentation skills training is also incorporated into the program to equip the beneficiaries with the ability to deliver impactful and engaging presentations. They will learn techniques for structuring presentations, utilizing visual aids effectively, and developing confident public speaking skills. This component aims to boost the beneficiaries’ confidence in delivering presentations, which is a valuable skill in various job roles.

Lastly, the initiative recognizes the importance of crafting an impressive application and CV. The beneficiaries will receive training on writing effective applications and CVs that highlight their qualifications, skills, and experiences. They will learn how to tailor their applications to specific job requirements and present their information in a concise and compelling manner.

Throughout the 6-month duration of the project, the beneficiaries will have access to trainers, mentors, and resources to support their learning and development. The initiative aims to empower the youth of Herat by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to navigate the job market successfully and secure meaningful employment opportunities. By investing in their job readiness, the initiative seeks to improve the overall economic prospects of the beneficiaries and contribute to the socio-economic growth of the region.

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