Fazela Hamidi was born in 1982, Fazela’s educational journey began with her graduation from the English language literature faculty in 2006, a testament to her intellectual curiosity and passion for language.
After completing her studies, Fazela embarked on a diverse career path, honing her skills as a teacher for 5 years, before transitioning into management positions, where she excelled for over a decade. Her versatility and adaptability were further showcased when she joined the RWDOA organization, where she dedicated 4 years to various projects and positions, leveraging her multifaceted expertise.
Fazela’s thirst for knowledge extended beyond the classroom and the corporate world. She proactively sought out additional training, including a pre-TOEFL English course and a computer and internet training program, equipping herself with a well-rounded skill set.
Her talents and interests extended into the creative realm as well. Fazela’s ability to craft captivating poems and children’s literature demonstrated her artistic flair and her desire to inspire and engage diverse audiences. Moreover, she further honed her leadership skill by undertaking specialized courses on management and executive development.
Fazela’s biography is a testament to her remarkable versatility, her unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, and her ability to excel in a wide range of domains. Her diverse experiences, from teaching to management, and her passion for creative writing and continuous self-improvement, have positioned her as a multifaceted and well-rounded individual, poised to make significant contributions in any endeavor she pursues.
As Fazela continues to navigate her journey, her working experience serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to embrace their own unique talents.

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