Hamid Karimi, born in March 1997 in Afghanistan, is a highly skilled finance officer with a diverse background in education, administration, and security. He graduated from Nengarhar University in 2021 with a degree in law and political science, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence and a deep understanding of complex legal and political frameworks.

Before his university studies, Hamid completed his teacher training in the English department in 2019. Leveraging his expertise, he worked as a Pashto teacher at private high schools for a year, effectively educating and mentoring students.

Hamid’s career path reflects his versatility and adaptability. He served as an administrative assistant at RWDOA for a year, where he developed strong organizational and administrative skills.

Hamid’s academic achievements and varied work experiences have equipped him with a well-rounded skill set, making him an invaluable asset in his current role as a finance officer. His background of accounting and management certification as well as in law and political science, combined with hands-on experience in administrative support, enables him to approach financial management with a unique perspective.

Known for his dedication, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of knowledge, Hamid Karimi is committed to excellence in his role. His diverse experiences and strong work ethic ensure that he brings a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to his responsibilities as a finance officer.

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