Roya Azimi was born in March 1998, embarking on her educational journey with enthusiasm and determination. After completing her schooling in 2015, Roya set her sights on expanding her knowledge and skills.

Recognizing the growing importance of technology in the modern world, Roya pursued a training course focused on computer programs and the internet. This decision showcased her foresight and willingness to invest in her own professional development.

Eager to gain practical experience, Roya secured an internship at the RWDOA organization, where she spent a year honing her skills and gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of a professional organization. This internship not only provided her with hands-on experience but also allowed her to apply the knowledge she had acquired through her training courses.

Roya’s dedication to her education and her proactive approach to professional development have been the hallmarks of her journey thus far. Her ability to recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with technological advancements and her willingness to seek out opportunities to expand her skill set demonstrate a level of maturity and forward-thinking that is often admired.

As Roya continues to navigate her path, her combination of academic achievements, technical expertise, and practical experience will undoubtedly serve her well. With a strong foundation and a desire to grow, she is poised to take on new challenges and contribute meaningfully to the organizations she may join in the future.

Roya’s story is one of a young, ambitious individual who is not content to simply follow the traditional path, but rather seeks to carve out her own unique journey, leveraging her talents and passions to create a fulfilling and successful future.

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